What We Do

At Little Lights Pre-School we encourage the development of the whole child:

1.) Spiritual Development
That each child will know:

– Who he/she is
– Where he/she came from
– What the purpose of life is
– Where he/she is going

– That each child will know God as Creator and Father.
– That each child will learn to know and love the Bible as God’s word.
– That each child will develop a growing love relationship with Jesus Christ.

2.) Emotional Development

– To accept him/herself as a person with value, important, unique and created by God.
– To learn how he/she can freely express his/her feelings.
– To accept and overcome problems in pressure situations.

3.) Intellectual Development

– To encourage independent thinking.
– To develop language and vocabulary.
– To develop each child’s concentration span.
– To develop each child’s reading, writing and numeracy readiness through play and observation.

4.) Physical Development

– To encourage each child to actively participate in both indoor and outdoor physical activities.
– To develop positive health habits.
– To develop each child’s co-ordination and balance.

5) Social Development

– To encourage each child to develop strong, healthy relationships with other children and adults.
– To consider others in genuine love, courtesy and obedience.
– To learn to work and play harmoniously with others.
– To respect the personal and property rights of others.

6) Character Development

– Love
– Serving
– Sharing
– Obedience
– Tidiness
– Good Manners etc.